WordPress Plugin Replaces Three

WordPress Plugin Replaces Three

One WordPress plugin replaces for me the functionally of three WordPress plugins, Impressive.

I no longer use any WordPress plugin spam blocker. I explain why in this article.

I on purpose use as few WordPress plugins as possible in order to keep my websites running as smooth as possible.

A while back, I was using both the Akismet WordPress plugin and the si captcha anti-spam WordPress plugin to help me manage the amount of spam reaching me. I opted to drop one of them to keep the number of WordPress plugins as low as possible without losing what I consider as required functionally.

So I dropped the Akismet WordPress plugin. This was months ago. All was going well until I started to receive more comment spam than I liked. I was now investing time in going through the comment spam and processing them, in both my email inbox and my comments section within my WordPress dashboards for each of my affected websites.

What a great way to spend time, don’t you think? Going through spam emails in two separate places in order to find any real comments or real emails, so that I could process that real communication.

Problem of receiving comment spam and related comment email spam

WordPress Plugin Replaces Three - One particular WordPress Plugin has functionally I found in three separate other WordPress Plugins

You may know that when a comment is entered in a WordPress based website, that an email notification is sent to the WordPress based website administrators that a comment is there, as well as adding the comment to the comments area of the back office for the website for processing.

At the time, I started to receive more comment spam on some of my websites and it was getting to the stage where I had to do something about it. I hadn’t actually jumped into action on that front because I hadn’t decided what to do.

I read a very interesting article about Akismet. The article was about using a different WordPress plugin to replace Akismet. I read that article and found it extremely interesting. I thought to myself, this could help me with my comment spam issue, so I was interested and kept reading.

The article gave an overview of a different WordPress Plugin that would replace Akismet. Well as I already was not currently using Akismet, I decided to install and activate this new WordPress plugin.

Simple install, activate and forget approach which I like

When I did, it was very simple. Install, activate and ‘forget’. Those of you who activated Akismet in the past will know that to activate Akismet involves getting a key from a third party and spending time on that third party website to get this key, and so on and so forth.

Akismet do not make it easy to get their free key and it is also pretty easy in that process to actually subscribe to their paid for functionally which you may not need. I know I did not.

Well, with this new WordPress plugin, it was a simple install and a simple click on the active click and the job was done.

Well, further reading of that new WordPress plugin resulted in me learning another thing that I found useful and interesting, which I considered as a real bonus.

The bonus

The additional unexpected bonus for me is that this new WordPress plugin replaces captcha functionally as well. I did more online research and discovered that this new WordPress plugin effectively means that I no longer need the si captcha anti-spam WordPress plugin either, so I disabled that WordPress plugin.

A while later, I then deleted it from my list of WordPress plugins as I no longer need it. I also like to keep my WordPress back office dashboard as clean as possible, as it would let me know if any of the WordPress plugins I have need updating even if that WordPress plugin is not currently activated.

Install, activate and see what happens

At the time, as I said above, I was getting excessive comment spam and basically I decided to give this new WordPress plugin a go and see what would happen.

Well I installed and activated that new WordPress plugin on all of my websites. 4 days later and no comment spam had reached my inbox in the meantime. Looking good. 🙂

If I had not installed that WordPress plugin, and based on the amount of comment spam I was getting each day for at least the previous 30 days, I expected to get an amount of comment spam. However over 4 days later and no comment spam has reached my inbox. Looking good.

I have also deactivated the si captcha anti-spam WordPress plugin as this new WordPress plugin already has its main functionally built into it.

No prizes for guessing who is a happy camper

On the above three points I am a happy camper.

I found out about this WordPress plugin because as a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I came across an interesting article.

What I do now

This post was originally written in November 2015. Since then my webhost has implemented additional functionally which means that the functionally provided by one or both of these WordPress Plugins is handled by my webhost. I simply do not need these WordPress plugins as their functionally and more is provided by my webhost at the server level.

This additional functionally includes several layers of security that shields websites and helps keep them secure.

secure wordpress hosting solution: spamblocker

This website security includes hacking, malware and bot-net attack protection.

Whatever overall solution your secure WordPress hosting solution has, it had better include several different layers of security. Having several layers of security makes a lot of sense. The website security package needs to at least cover hacking, malware and bot-net attack protection. If the website security package includes protections at the server level, it may mean that there is no requirement to install a number of WordPress plugins relating to associated security aspects.

For me now there is no need to install and activate the Akismet WordPress plugin or the si captcha anti-spam WordPress plugin or any other WordPress plugin spam blockers as my webhost already provides similar functionally at the server level.

I now use zero WordPress plugin spam blockers as my webhost already provides similar functionally at the server level.

Do you want to build and host a WordPress website right now?

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Now I want to show you how you can get your very own WordPress website and how to build a website in the next 5 or so minutes.

If you want to build a WordPress Website right now for free, below is a link to an online step-by-step video showing you how to build a fully functional "bare bones" WordPress website in 30 seconds. After the "bare bones" website is up and running, the next step is to build your content. That takes more time than the 30 seconds to build a "bare bones" WordPress website.

Following this approach, you will be able to replicate this for yourself if you follow the process as shown in the online video which you can view or rewind as many times as you require.

Create a website in under 30 seconds video presentation

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I know of no easier way to get a website up and running on the web. Of course, you do have to write your pages and your posts and other website related tasks to turn this bare bones fully functional website into a "meaty" fully functional website. However it is a very good start.

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Where can I try out secure WordPress hosting for free?

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Where to get secure WordPress hosting or get more information?

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