Social Media Shares & Likes: Don’t Have Everywhere

Social Media Shares & Likes

Not all pages or posts within your Website should have social media shares and likes

There is a brilliant article on how to add social media likes to your WordPress website using the “Tweek Like PlusOne” plugin. The article is brilliant. I really liked the way that this just works, when the plugin is activated within WordPress for the website in question.

Social Media Likes

Some pages/posts should be excluded from displaying these social media shares and likes.

So to exclude them do the following:

  1. Determine the page number of the pages/posts that need to be excluded.
    • To find out the ID number of the appropriate page/post, take the option inside your WordPress Dashboard to edit that page/post, then click on ‘get shortlink’ button. The number after “?p=” is the page number. You may have to enter that box and press the right arrow key to display the values to the right of the box.
    • Repeat the above step for each appropriate page/post.
  2. Enter your WordPress Dashboard -> Settings -> Tweek Like Plusone.
  3. Then page down to the “Don’t display on Posts/Page” setting.
  4. Enter in the appropriate page numbers with a comma between each page number eg ‘14,16’.
  5. Then update.

Job Done. I hope that you find this useful.

Fingers crossed — I hope that the WordPress Plugin Developers for this WordPress Plugin do not change this process now that I have taken the time to document it for you. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

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2 thoughts on “Social Media Shares & Likes: Don’t Have Everywhere”

  1. Hi David
    Thank you for putting out this information. I was actually trying to figure this out. It is very simple as are most things if you just know where to go for the details:-). I assume the standard static pages should exclude social sharing? Any others?

    • Hi Kellie,

      That is so cool. Glad the information helped you. Hope it helps many people. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Like a lot of things in life, once there are notes or details or instructions on how to do something, and a sequence is also included, that helps greatly.

      Even high level notes with the correct sequence helps a lot.

      Depends on what you mean when you say “standard static pages”, I personally exclude the Affiliate Disclosure page, the Earnings Disclaimer page, the Terms And Conditions page and the Privacy Policy page.

      However each website owner and each website webmaster would need to consider what pages should be excluded for their website, like should a contact me page be excluded or not. That would be a good debate.

      However the “standard static” About me page shouldn’t be excluded in my opinion.



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