Reduce WordPress plugin spam blockers

Reduce WordPress Plugin Spam Blockers

Reduce WordPress plugin spam blockers where possible by using a webhost that provides spam blocker functionally at the server level so that it gets nowhere near your secure WordPress website.

I have used the same managed secure WordPress webhost since January 2015. They have implemented additional spam blocker functionally at the server level. This means that similar spam blocker functionally provided by WordPress plugin spam blockers is now not required.

This saves an amount of time installing, activating and maintaining these different WordPress Plugin Spam Blockers at my end. It also means that I do not have to spend time learning how to use these different WordPress Plugin Spam Blockers. Not all were simple installs, some required a time investment in order to actually implement. Others were simple: install, activate and forget. Even so, as WordPress Plugins, they also tended to be updated on a regular basis. And if they did not need updating, it tended to raise questions at the back of my mind as spammers are always trying new things which from time to time would require updating.

Now that my webhost provides this spam blocker functionally at the server level, I do not need to install and activate WordPress Plugin Spam Blockers.

My webhost also has additional functionally which includes several layers of security that shields websites and helps keep them secure.

secure wordpress hosting solution: spamblocker

This website security includes hacking, malware and bot-net attack protection.

Whatever overall solution your secure WordPress hosting solution has, it had better include several different layers of security. Having several layers of security makes a lot of sense.

The website security package needs to at least cover hacking, malware and bot-net attack protection. If the website security package includes protections at the server level, it may mean that there is no requirement to install a number of WordPress plugins that provide duplicate functionally.

For me now there is no need to install and activate the Akismet WordPress plugin or the SI Captcha anti-spam WordPress plugin or the WP-Spamshield WordPress plugin as my webhost provides similar spam blocker functionally at the server level.

I now use zero WordPress plugin spam blockers as my webhost already provides similar functionally at the server level.

Do you want to build and host a WordPress website right now?

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Now I want to show you how you can get your very own WordPress website and how to build a website in the next 5 or so minutes.

If you want to build a WordPress Website right now for free, below is a link to an online step-by-step video showing you how to build a fully functional "bare bones" WordPress website in 30 seconds. After the "bare bones" website is up and running, the next step is to build your content. That takes more time than the 30 seconds to build a "bare bones" WordPress website.

Following this approach, you will be able to replicate this for yourself if you follow the process as shown in the online video which you can view or rewind as many times as you require.

Create a website in under 30 seconds video presentation

build website
The video below could be titled "How To Create A Website With WordPress, An Easy Way" or "Build a Website Easily" or something else along these lines.

I know of no easier way to get a website up and running on the web. Of course, you do have to write your pages and your posts and other website related tasks to turn this bare bones fully functional website into a "meaty" fully functional website. However it is a very good start.

I invite you now to build your own website in a similar way.

I invite you now to Build a Free Website and to Get Started Now! Just enter a name for your free website in the space below and then press build it now.

Where can I try out secure WordPress hosting for free?

  • Here. Just understand that the premium version has more functionally and allows you to host up to 10 WordPress Hosted websites. The premium version meets my 17 requirements.

Where to get secure WordPress hosting or get more information?

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