Have You Heard the News That Kardia Band is Discontinued?

Have You Heard the News That Kardia Band is Discontinued?

AliveCor discontinued Kardia Band (KardiaBand) sometime between Jun 1, 2019 and Aug 31, 2019. Kardia Band is still discontinued in 2020. Kardia Band (KardiaBand) used to work on compatible Apple Watches in conjunction with its partner app to capture EKG readings and give you a result of that reading.

This was originally a review of Kardia Band. Then some time after I wrote that, Kadia Band (KardiaBand) was discontinued. I therefore deleted the content of my review of Kardia Band as that information is now out of date. AliveCor plan on supporting Kardia Band for the next while, they just no longer sell it.

1. Two Excellent Alternatives

As Kardia Band is discontinued, an alternative is to use the Kardia Mobile device or the Kardia Mobile 6L device instead. They are both available now. They are both personal EKG devices which allow you to take EKG readings and get instant results.

Both work in conjunction with its partner app which run of course on a compatible smartphone or compatible tablet. Both the Kardia Mobile device and the Kardia Mobile 6L device are FDA cleared to detect certain heart rhythms as well as a normal heart rhythm which makes it extremely useful in certain situations.

1.1 Alternative Number 1: Kardia Mobile

I personally have been using Kardia Mobile since October 2016 on the advice of my cardiologist.

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1.2 Alternative Number 2: Kardia Mobile 6L

The Kardia Mobile 6L became available in mid 2019.

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