.COM Domain Registration cost comparison

.COM Domain Registration Cost Comparison

If you are looking see different prices from different domain registrars just to register or renew just one (1) .COM domain name with or without domain privacy services, read on.

Here you are going to see different prices from different domain registrars just to register or renew just one (1) .COM domain name with or without domain privacy services as on July 25, 2020.

These are third parties so offerings and prices may change over time. These prices also do not include any applicable taxes and the like which may also need to be paid.

From time to time different domain sellers of .COM domain names may have pricing promotions for the first year of registration. Subsequent renewals costs are usually higher (if not always higher) when there is a pricing promotion for the first year of registration.

Domain Seller Registration (first year) Renewal (per year) Extra cost for Domain Privacy (per year)
Discount Domain Club (Member pricing) $8.29 Looks like $8.29 2 offerings: $9.99 or $14.99
Domain Cost Club (Member pricing) $7.85 $7.85 $0.00
Domain Cost Club (Retail) $15.00 $15.00 $0.00
eNom $13.95 $13.95 $8.00
GoDaddy $11.99 $17.99 2 offerings: $9.99 or $14.99
HostGator $12.95 $17.99 $14.95
NameCheap $8.88 $12.98 $0.00
Network Solutions $25.00 Believe $37.99 $9.99
WealthyAffiliate.com $13.99 $13.99 $0.00
  • Some domain sellers charge a $0.18 ICANN fee per .COM domain name per year. This $0.18 ICANN fee also applies to many non .COM domain names as well.
  • Some domain sellers charge a small payment processing fee depending on payment method.
  • Member pricing (at Domain Cost Club and at GoDaddy’s Discount Domain Club) is subject to having a current active paid membership subscription in place. Learn more.
  • Domain Privacy Services are usually charged per domain name per year. So if you have five (5) .COM domains registered with HostGator requiring Domain Privacy Service, this will cost $74.75 extra per year for this service. With Domain Cost Club, this will cost $0.00 extra (yes a big fat zero) per year for this service.

Why look at Domain Cost Club?

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Good question. With Domain Cost Club you can forget about paying extra for domain privacy services, promotional codes, crazy bundles, and discounted registration with poison-pill renewal fees:-

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Are you ready for the following benefits of Domain Cost Club membership?

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  1. Get new registrations at great prices.
  2. Get renewals at great prices.
  3. Get transfers at great prices.
  4. Get free domain privacy services.
  5. Earn recurring money on referrals.
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Don't want to become a Domain Cost Club member and still want to buy or renew domains? No problem. You can create a retail account at Domain Cost Club and pay the current recommended retail prices. Domain privacy services are currently free for retail accounts. You can always upgrade your retail account later.

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