About David and LiveLifeO

This site is about helping people who want to live life optimally. This site focuses on a few select topics that partially cover this wide ranging subject. These are mainly related to the life experiences of the site’s founder David.

About David and LiveLifeO

Introduction To David, The Founder Of LiveLifeO

David is an entrepreneur and affiliate marketer. He guides people on how to live life optimally by blogging. Currently, David runs LiveLifeO, so you know he has the knowledge to help you to make the right choice.

David is interested in all things website related, especially in creating and building websites in order to earn revenue, working from the comfort of his own home.

If you are interested in creating and building websites in order to earn revenue, and want proper step-by-step training and want to start doing this yourself, read his start with Affiliate Marketing article.

High Overview

He explains in that article four main topics associated with affiliate marketing at a high overview level. This starts at the very beginning and goes all the way to very advanced as you follow the provided links. You of course, would move at your own pace, like he does.

If this resonates with you, he asks you to register for your starter trial membership which allows you to learn and do affiliate marketing for yourself. This is what he does.

David is interested in working from home, affiliate marketing, the internet, web hosting, websites, website domains, technology and saving money with home appliances around the home.

David also has experience of stress and anxiety in his life. Compared to a while back he is much improved as a result of what he has learned over the last while and as a result of his revised daily activities.

Many people worldwide have similar experiences and you may be one of them or know someone who is. If so, David wants to help with information that he found to be useful with those experiences for him. His hope is that because this information helped him, it may also help you or someone you know.

Problem, solution

He covers topics like Stress Management and Anxiety. This is because these topics affect him and affected him. Some of these topics still affect him to this day although not as much as they used to.

He found out various ways to manage these situations which he then applies on a regular basis to his life. In that process, this is helping him to live life better and to live life optimally.

He also covers topics like:

  • Technology: Useful advances making life better in some way.
  • WordPress: A popular content management system used by websites worldwide. This website uses WordPress. Although WordPress is easy enough to use with the right host, there is a lot of choice with WordPress Themes and WordPress Plugins which can lead to overwhelm.

The above mentioned topics are topics that are helping him to live life optimally.

Why LiveLifeO?

livelifeo logo

LiveLifeO is short for Live Life Optimally. The logo for LiveLifeO is a simple one, it is the text “Live” in one color followed by “Life” in another color followed by a smiling face using complementary coloring including a complementary background. The smiling face is followed by the text “.com” using complementary coloring which is at a right angle. The idea is to convey that life is to be lived as much as possible and to be enjoyed as much as possible, no matter what life throws at us. 🙂

Why This Site Exists


David created this website to help others who may experience these same topics in their lives or are interested in these topics; either directly or through family members and to offer potential solutions that are out there on the internet. In his experience some are good and others are not.

Why Is Stress Management And Anxiety Included As A Topic Here?


David has experience of managing stress and anxiety in his life. He wants to help you by talking about what worked or what works for him in the hope that those experiences may also help you.

Learning how to manage stress has been something that he needed to do over the past while. He has purchased numerous tapes, videos, books and courses in the Managing Stress world, both in the online world and in the offline world to try to improve his stress management skill sets as well as his overall approach to life.

Meet David


David in common with a lot of people experiences stress from time to time. In his experience of managing his stress he learned different ways of managing stress. He now experiences less stress than he used to because he implemented these learnings into his life to manage this way better and proactively does so regularly.

This is working for him. He wants now to make a positive difference to how you manage stress management. His hope is that you read the content here and learn. Then he hopes that you put your “twist” to his practical know how that helps you in your life. And in that process improve your overall quality of life.

If you experience stress or any of its “cousins”, including anxiety, his hope is that you find the content here interesting, useful and helpful in your life. He hopes that you reduce your stress and most importantly of all, he wants you to be able to get on with the rest of your life having beaten stress or at least, having reduced your stress levels even just a little.

He has a sincere desire to live in a world where there is no or little “bad stress”. “Good stress” serves us in good ways so that is still required for our overall wellbeing. Some ways to manage stress require a regular time commitment, like for example meditation. And some ways require implementing approaches when stressed, for example, thinking when stressed “Will this be important in 5 years time?”

He is hopeful that you using a number of different stress management techniques to manage stress will help you in your life. He is hopeful that you learn or re-learn a number of different techniques that help you in your life.

The Discussion About David Continues


Now, David is not going to claim that he knows everything about stress. He does not. However he does know a lot about how stress affects him and how he manages it now. His hope is that some of the stress management techniques that he found practical, good and useful will also help you.

He has noticed that the one thing that many stress management products have in common is that they promise a lot. That is, that your stress levels will disappear if you just follow their instructions. Well, speaking from his personal experience, he found that is not always true in his experience.

Maybe he is looking for too much. You see, he experiences panic attacks and as a consequence of that, his fear is that he will get another while driving on a motorway with no place to go should he get one. He had a horrible panic attack whilst driving on a motorway a while back. No physical damage was done. However he naturally fears another. As you know, not all motorways have a place where you can quickly pull over and stop. No book or course he has done so far tells him how to manage that.

Of course, if you have a way that he could manage that that works in his real world, he would love to hear it.

He experiences panic attacks and to say in a course or a book or whatever that all you need to do is to “breathe deeply and slowly for a few minutes” and panic attacks will be gone he thinks is misleading people.

There are a lot of opinions about how to manage panic attacks. At this stage, he has a plan that he follows when he gets one and that approach works for him. However it does not completely eliminates his fear of getting another panic attack so I still get very concerned when driving on motorways.

There are many different techniques about how to manage stress and the like. In his experience and in his opinion at this stage, it is a multi layered type of approach that needs to be followed on a regular basis, some of these techniques should ideally be done on a daily basis. Things like going for regular walks, eating well, getting enough quality sleep, doing meditation and getting enough water all help in their various ways.

Also applying some highly effective thinking on things can also help. When something “not great” happens, the human mind can end up doing a lot of “bad thinking” about the situation and make the situation way worst by continuously thinking about the “not great” situation.

He is aware of two different things that you can do in this situation which may help you:

  1. Ask yourself “Will this be important in 5 years time?” If the answer is No, then simply say silently to yourself “Not important, moving on”.
  2. You think of something “not great”, and you know that dwelling on it is “bad” for you, immediately after the thought appears, say to yourself as strongly as you can, “So what”.

Of course, these 2 approaches may help in a lot of case, however not all cases. He has tried them with his driving on motorways fear and to date, they have not worked for him. Those 2 approaches work great for him with other life experiences.

I am sure that there are many more things that a person can do, however as the two approaches mentioned above work for him some of the time, they may also work for you. 🙂

He has read books written by people in different lines of work including medical doctors and yes, they contain good advice and lots of interesting information. In a lot of cases, they contain a lot of practical information which can also help. By adapting wholeheartedly the provided information, it can help a lot in a lot of cases.

One such book was written by Dr Harry Barry, author of the best selling book, Anxiety and Panic: How to reshape your anxious mind and brain (learn why David recommends this book here) which contains a lot of useful practical information. All good.

Just knowing about the different approaches and not practicing them on a regular enough basis is not enough. 🙂

He has panic attacks from time to time. At this stage, when he gets one, he has a plan in place that he follows, he follows that and a while later he is in a position to move on and forget about it. This is something if you are a person who experiences panic attacks can do. This is one of those things that is actually easier to say than to do in the real world. However, it is possible, because that is what he does now and it helps a lot.

Of course, what he does and what you do may be quite different. Whatever works for you is what is important to you. He built up his plan over trial and error. Just because it works for him, does not immediately mean that it would work for you.

It may help you to know stress management techniques that he found useful, so that you can use them as a starting point for your list of stress management techniques.

What is even better is that you put stress management techniques in place and practice them on a regular basis.

Now David Wants To Give Back

A Managing Stress TechniqueNow he wants to give back so that you can benefit from his stress management journey.

Over a period of time he has learned quite a bit about stress management from the layman’s point of view. For instance, learning and practicing meditation on a daily basis can help.

Doing meditation on a daily basis also has a number of other health related benefits, which is also good. However, there are a number of different meditation techniques out there and different people say “My one is the best”. By the way, no way is David saying that his way is the best.

Oh, by the way, Giovanni Dienstmann, author of the best selling meditation book, Practical Meditation: A Simple Step-By-Step Guide (learn why David recommends this book here) covers 39 different meditation techniques in his book, some of which David resonates with and others he doesn’t. You may find the same.

So how can you narrow it down to the few that work for you… and he wants to offer you some opinions about these as well as provide you with information on where to learn about some of these different techniques yourself, so that you decide for yourself which ones work best for you based on your real life experiences.

David’s Story


David experienced stress for a while, and tried for a long time to remove the stress from his life by doing all those things people say you should do. You know, sleep better, eat better, go for 30-60 minute walks every day, de-stress and loads of other things. That did not really work for him until the main stressor was removed completely from his life. Once that was removed, things started to improve.

How To Manage Stress Levels?


So how do you get to manage your stress levels in different ways that may be better. Well, David literally spent a lot of time reading different books, doing different courses, listening to different audio recordings, looking at videos and he has learned different things from these resources that have helped him to manage his stress levels. As well as doing these things, he has spent time following their suggestions and recommendations into his life.

Some approaches worked for him, whereas others didn’t. It could be that the ones that did not, just were not suitable for him and may work for you. However please understand, he can not recommend the ones that did not work for him.

Make this world better

People are beginning to realize that stress has to be managed better.

Too much bad stress can affect your health. Stress needs to be managed well. There are numerous ways that people manage stress, and being aware of some of these ways can help you too, especially if you can integrate them into your daily life.

For instance, one technique is that if something annoys you, asking yourself silently the question “Will this be important in 5 years time?” – Many times the answer will be No, therefore you say to yourself “Not important, moving on” and simply move on. You be surprised how effective that this one is.

And, you also see, how simple and obvious it is, once you realize that it can be used as a stress management technique.

Much of the stress management content that David discusses here is going to be around simple practical techniques that can be used to help with stress management and he hopes, will help you to reduce your stress levels.

For David, learning about additional stress management techniques has been a great approach. After he learns about a “new” one, some he knew about but never thought of them as stress management techniques, and if it resonates with him, he implements them into his daily life where possible. This has been a good approach for him. If you want to read about some of these different stress management techniques, you can read this article here.

Hi, I'm David. I write articles such as this one. Enjoy! I like to hear from my readers so please leave me a comment below to let me know if this article helped you or if you have any related questions. Thanks.

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  1. Hi, David!
    Love your links!
    I too am a full time work at home person and I love it!
    Funny, one of the links you have here goes to Wealthy Affiliate University, which is where I started to learn how to do this over three years ago and I am still a member!
    re you a member there too?
    Look me up if you are!


    • Hi Shawn,

      I am delighted and thrilled that you love my links. 🙂

      Yes, I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate. I found them at the start of 2015 and have not looked back since. They have a brilliant way of bringing all this technology together so that you can actually do something with it.

      I compare it a bit to driving a car. You don’t have to be a mechanic to drive a car, so likewise you don’t have to be a software developer to build out websites. They show ‘how to do things’ which I love.

      You can read my Wealthy Affiliate Review here.


  2. Hi David,

    Love the links for tips on home appliances. Will you consider doing an article on the best way and times to run your clothes dryer? I do laundry on a daily basis and believe that this one culprit is responsible for the high electric bill I have.

    Wealthy Affiliate, hum, Is it all it is cracked up to be? So many scams out there today, it is no wonder people are susceptible! How does it measure up to many of the other programs promising to make you money online working from home?

    Thanks David, Suzette

    • Hi Suzette,

      Delighted and thrilled that you love the tips on home appliances.

      Have a look at the following link. It shows all of my articles relating to home appliances, including laundry saving tips. 🙂

      Wealthy Affiliate is good. They provide a lot of easy to follow video type of training online, so you can rewind and listen to points as many times as required. Because it is focused on the right things, you provide information on the areas where you have a passion, and you build up your website. It is like learning how to ride a bike, you start, you learn to use it, and then before you know it, you are using your bike to go everywhere. Same idea here.


  3. Hi David, It looks like you have experience in internet marketing and can help a lot of folks with starting an online business. As I can see you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate which means a lot to me because I’ve been a member of this program since 2013 and understand what you are talking about. Since you’re a member of this community, all I can say is that your readers are in the right hands and you are not one of those scammers that are trying to scam people. Wish you all the best.

    • Hi Rufat,

      Yes I have an amount of business experience working in the online world.

      Being a member of Wealthy Affiliate has helped me and many other people to develop an online business. I joined at the start of 2015 when a contact suggested that they would be a good match for me. How right that person was.

      The tools and techniques learned within Wealthy Affiliate are really good. Read my start Affiliate Marketing article to learn more about some of the basic concepts of Affiliate Marketing.

      Of course, people interested in affiliate marketing are interested in domain names. I have some experience with domain names.

      Kind Regards,

  4. Your page layout looks very organized. Not too overly done or underly done. Just the right amount of doses. It just seems very calm and clean for some reason. I’m still new to online business so I’m still going around looking for new website ideas. I wish you a great journey on your business.

    • Hi Joon,

      Thank you. Let me know if I can help you on your online journey. One thing that online marketers need are website domain names. I get mine at very good prices.

      Kind Regards,

  5. Great tips and generally useful information. It’s great to be able to find sites like this that immediately offer very practical information that can be put to use right now. Your domain article looks quite interesting. With 284,000,000 registered domain names, and plenty of room for more, there really is tremendous opportunity online. Thanks for all the great information.

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    • Hi Norman,

      Thanks for dropping by and leaving your detailed comments. Wealthy Affiliate has great web hosting in conjunction with great training on how to build websites. Read my Wealthy Affiliate Review here.

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